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No one ever knows exactly when they will get sick or become injured. We do need to know where we can go to get help. In Streamwood, you can turn to Rapid Immediate Care. Our experienced medical staff can treat minor illnesses and injuries so you can feel better as quickly as possible and get back to work, school or fun. We can also provide primary care services to keep you feeling well.

Urgent Care

Urgent care services are ideal for those injuries and illnesses that need to be addressed quickly but are non-life-threatening and therefore don’t need to be treated at the emergency room. If you are experiencing a stomach illness or fever, a sprain or broken bone, or a cut that is bleeding but not severely, you may consider the potentially more affordable services of an urgent care clinic like Rapid Immediate Care of Streamwood.

Preventive Care

Preventive care services include regular vaccines, annual wellness checkups and women’s health exams. These services are essential to living your best life, and we want to ensure you have access to affordable, preventive care. By seeing a primary care provider regularly, your health team may notice any important changes in your health. Preventive primary care is essential to lifelong health and wellness.

Employment and School Screenings

Health screenings before starting a new job, attending a new school or participating in school sports are standard requirements. We are happy to go over your medical history and perform a physical exam to make sure you are healthy and can safely perform the duties of your new job or the sport you will be playing.

Work Injury Treatment

It’s essential to seek treatment as soon as possible after a work accident, so the full extent of your injuries can be documented and proper treatment can begin. At Streamwood Rapid Immediate Care, we can evaluate any injuries you have, start treatment and refer you to any specialists, if necessary.

Healthcare in Streamwood

If you require immediate care, please stop by our urgent care in Streamwood as a walk-in or contact us to make a same-day appointment that works with your schedule. To establish primary care services with Rapid Immediate Care, let us know, and we will schedule a wellness exam to better understand your health needs and how we can support you.

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