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Stress and Strong Emotions Can Trigger Asthma Crystal Lake, IL

Stress and Strong Emotions Can Trigger Asthma

A woman using a reliever inhaler.

The root causes of asthma remain unknown. What is known is that asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the airways and that different people may have other causes. But there is one constant: exposure to a trigger causes airways to become irritated, constricted and clogged with mucus. Common triggers include, but are not limited… read more

3 Diabetic Emergencies and Their Symptoms

A doctor examining a patient.

Those with diabetes should work with their primary care provider to manage their condition and control it as well as possible. However, there is always a risk for diabetic emergencies. It’s important to know the symptoms of these acute conditions so you can spot them early and get treatment as soon as possible. Hypoglycemia Hypoglycemia… read more

Reducing Your Risk of High Blood Pressure

A patient during a consultation with a primary care physician.

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, increases your risk of major health complications such as heart attack and stroke. Unfortunately, some risk factors for high blood pressure, such as age, gender and family history, are unavoidable. The good news is that you can still do plenty of things to reduce your risk of hypertension, or lower… read more

Why Does the Flu Shot Change Every Year?


In basic terms, a virus is a bunch of genes that is covered by proteins. The antibodies that a vaccine stimulates are designed to attack this outer layer. Unfortunately, the flu virus is constantly changing, which necessitates the need for different vaccines. Scientists try to anticipate which variant of the flu virus is likely to… read more

Wellness is About More Than Your Career

Happy relaxed woman enjoying a sunny day in a park.

In many industries, acceptable physical and mental health is a prerequisite for employment. Given the responsibilities in these careers, it is understandable that employees should be in good health. However, wellness is a pursuit that everybody should embrace. Regular physicals can identify early signs of illness or asymptomatic health conditions. You may feel like a… read more

Pre-Employment Physicals and Influencing Factors for Employers

A doctor and a cheerful male patient during a pre-employment physical appointment.

The prospect of a new career can bring hopes and dreams of a better life. Unfortunately, the expectations of the job may require you to prove certain physical and mental capabilities. Pre-employment examinations are designed to determine a candidate’s suitability for such roles. If you are asked to complete a pre-employment physical, do not panic.… read more

Professionals Who Should Not Ignore Joint Pain

Joint Pain

We all experience joint pain at some point in life. As bones, cartilage, muscles, and supporting tissues age, aches and pains are to be expected. However, there are certain working and athletic professionals who shouldn’t ignore acute or chronic pain. If you rely on strength or movement in your profession, the joints are critically important.… read more

How IV Drip Therapy Helps You Beat Dehydration

IV Drip

Dehydration is no laughing matter, and recovery just isn’t always as simple as drinking enough fluids. In fact, your digestive system can be distressed as it attempts to process a large influx of water, flushing necessary nutrients along the way. IV drip therapy for dehydration lets you skip the upset stomach and stress of rehydrating… read more

Is Your Driving Career Hanging on DOT Physical Exam Results?

Physical Exams

If you drive a vehicle that requires drivers to take a DOT physical exam, the process can seem daunting. There is a risk to your career depending on the results of the exam. However, you may also miss out on work if the proper steps are not taken to submit all necessary medical evidence and… read more

Why You Should Schedule a Wellness Physical Annually

Primary care physician checking medical records on a tablet.

It’s easy to forget to schedule that annual wellness physical, especially when your life is hectic. It may even seem pointless to come to Rapid Immediate Care for a checkup when you’re feeling fine. However, a wellness physical is a necessary preventive health service because it enables you to catch health problems early. An annual… read more

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