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Urgent care centers can play a vital role when it comes to women’s health, regarding birth control and emergency contraceptives. Getting timely treatment is essential for preventing unwanted pregnancies. Getting an appointment to see a gynecologist can take weeks or months. Instead of an expensive trip to the emergency room, you can get the birth control care you need at an urgent care center. At Rapid Immediate Care, we can assist you right away with contraceptive decision-making to support your long-term health and well-being.

Finding the right type of birth control can take time and patience. If you do not have a doctor, an urgent care center can help protect you against unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. At Rapid Immediate Care, you can get a primary doctor to assist you with family planning. Our physicians can explain the different options and recommend the best birth control options to fit your needs.

Birth Control Options

There are several birth control options available for women. Birth control pills can be taken daily to prevent pregnancies. Birth control shots can be injected every three months and patches can be re-applied weekly. Longer term options such as IUDs and other implants can help prevent pregnancies for several years. Birth control can also be used to address other concerns such as irregular or painful periods.

If you have certain health risks, you may not be able to use some forms of birth control. Speak with your doctor if you have a history of migraines, diabetes, blood clots, high blood pressure or heart disease. Some birth control methods are also not recommended for women over 35 years old who smoke.

Rapid Immediate Care Birth Control Services

Almost half of all pregnancies are unplanned. By using a birth control method, you can take charge of when you want to start a family. Learn more about what birth control options may be best for you by booking an appointment with Rapid Immediate Care today.

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