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If you have recently had surgery, you may need a follow-up appointment for suture removal. Removing sutures is essential for infection control and proper wound healing. Sutures are typically removed within two weeks after surgery. It is essential to have them removed at the proper time to facilitate healing and prevent infection. If you cannot make an appointment with your doctor, you can visit an urgent care center for suture removal.

How Suture Removal Works

Suture removal is a simple procedure that should be done by an experienced healthcare professional. When you visit an urgent care center, a provider will first examine your wound for signs of infection or other problems. If the affected area is healthy, the healthcare provider will then remove the sutures. Many patients report no pain during the suture removal and no anesthetic is necessary. You may feel some slight tugging during suture removal.

Wound Care After Suture Removal

Once the suture removal is complete, the wound will need certain care for proper healing over the following weeks. Wash the affected area daily with soap and water and gently pat dry. Massaging the area with antibiotic ointment or vaseline may reduce scarring. Cover wounds in areas that may be at higher risk for contamination or re-injury, such as knees or hands. Visit an urgent care center if you notice swelling, redness or oozing from the wound or you develop a fever.

Convenient Suture Removal Services

Urgent care centers offer convenience and affordability when it comes to suture removal. At Rapid Immediate Care, our experienced professionals can remove your sutures and recommend an individualized wound treatment plan for optimal recovery. With same day services, you can avoid long waits at the emergency room and pay about half the cost. Contact our clinic today to schedule an appointment for suture removal services.

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