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Sport Physical Test

Sports physicals are important to ensure your child is healthy enough to participate in their favorite activities. These exams should be done on a yearly basis to help prevent injuries and other health issues. By identifying potential risk factors, you can take proactive steps to ensure your child’s well-being during athletic activity.

What to Expect During Sports Physicals

During a sports physical, the doctor will review your child’s medical history and perform a comprehensive examination. Your child’s height, weight, blood pressure and vital signs will be recorded. The doctor may check your child’s reflexes and posture for any orthopedic issues. The visit may also include hearing and vision tests. If any problems are detected, additional lab tests may be required before your child can pass their physical.

During your visit, the doctor may recommend injury prevention and nutrition tips to help your child stay strong and healthy. If your child had a previous sports injury, the doctor may recommend exercises or other treatments to help protect from further damage. Sports physicals should not replace annual physical exams.

What to Bring to Sports Physicals

Be sure to bring your insurance card, driver’s license and any required school forms with you to your appointment. Please fill out as much of the form as possible prior to your visit. You should also bring a list of any current medications and immunizations as well as your child’s glasses or contacts.

Get Your Child Ready for Sports Season

School sports are an excellent way for your children to get physical exercise and develop their social skills. Help get them ready for sports season by ensuring they are physically healthy. Sports physicals should be done a few weeks prior to the start of the season in case any follow-up appointments are needed. Get sports physicals for your children by visiting Rapid Immediate Care today or scheduling an appointment.

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