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Work injuries can happen in the safest environments. If you have been injured on the job, you should see a medical health professional immediately to qualify for workers’ compensation. If the injury is non-life-threatening, you may be able to receive treatment at an urgent care center.

Common Workplace Injuries

Occupational injuries typically happen in physically strenuous jobs. Some common workplace injuries include exposure to dangerous chemicals, burns and falls. Moving heavy objects can cause sprains and strains or fractures. Accidental amputations of fingers and limbs can come from vehicular accidents and heavy-duty equipment. You can also get eye injuries from flying projectiles, especially in industrial environments.

Treatment for Work Injuries

When you visit an urgent care center for treatment of work injuries, the medical evaluation may include drug and alcohol testing. If you test positive, you may not be eligible for workers’ compensation or other benefits. The doctor will examine your workplace injuries and provide the necessary treatment. The urgent care clinic will take care of any paperwork and report their findings to workers’ compensation. Depending on the injury, you may need further lab tests or referrals to specialists for follow-up treatment.

Document Work Injuries with Medical Care

When work injuries occur, a medical evaluation can prove the cause of the injury. Make sure to keep all copies of examination forms and test results. You will need these documents for your employer, your lawyer and other relevant parties for workers’ compensation eligibility and benefits.

Prompt Urgent Care Treatment for Work Injuries

Getting prompt medical treatment can reduce your time away from work and speed your recovery. If you are affected by work injuries, it is vital to seek immediate medical treatment. At Rapid Immediate Care, we offer same day treatment for occupational injuries. Contact our clinic today to make an appointment.

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