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DOT Physicals Hoffman Estates, IL

The life of a commercial vehicle driver is one of responsibility. From carrying passengers to transporting goods, you play a major role in creating a successful and safe society. As such, ensuring that commercial vehicle drivers, semi-truck drivers and CDL (commercial driving license) holders are healthy is essential.

Several health concerns can impact your ability to drive safely for long hours. Heart problems, diabetes, fatigue and other medical conditions can cause a lapse of reason or blackouts while behind the wheel. As the stewards of some of the largest vehicles on our nation’s roads, you are therefore required to meet a higher standard when it comes to duty of care.

Who Needs the DOT Physical Exam?

The three groups that require a Department of Transportation (DOT) exam include commercial vehicle drivers, CDL holders and semi-truck drivers. These professionals work in a large range of industries, transporting people and goods across the country.

In order to reduce incidents of accidents on our roads, DOT physicals are periodically necessary. This process is designed to detect any relevant health problems. However, assurances are also provided to drivers, businesses and the general public that commercial drivers are fit to perform their roles safely.

Rapid Immediate Care

At Rapid Immediate Care, we provide DOT Physicals that help remove much of the stress associated with the process for drivers. If you have encountered red tape due to an incomplete physical or related documentation, we are here to provide support.

Our medical team will methodically follow the process by completing all necessary health checks, updating records on existing health conditions, completing documentation of the last HgA1C, and more. We understand that each driver has unique needs, which is why our Illinois office will work with you to establish any additional requirements.

The team at Rapid Immediate Care would like to take this opportunity to invite you to book a DOT Physical today. We are here to answer any questions you may have and provide all the support you need to quickly and painlessly complete your submission.

Contact our office to book your spot and seamlessly submit your DOT physical today.

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