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A primary care physician taking care of patient's sprained ankle.

Approximately 40 million people seek emergency medical assistance for injuries every year. One of the most common injuries often seen in urgent care centers is sprains and strains. Sprains involve tearing or stretching of muscles or tendons, while sprains involve stretching or tearing of ligaments. Both injuries require immediate treatment in order to heal properly and prevent further complications.

Causes and Symptoms of Sprains & Strains

Sprains and strains can be caused by falling or twisting. Sprains can also be caused by a joint being hit forcefully. With both sprains and strains, you may experience pain, swelling, instability, bruising and lack of mobility. With strains, you may also experience muscle spasms and weakness. Athletes and those participating in activities involving repetitive motion are more likely to become injured with sprains and strains.

At Home Treatment for Sprains & Strains

If you experience sprains or strains, you should rest the injured area right away and elevate it above your heart. Apply ice and compression to help reduce bruising and swelling. Over-the-counter or inflammatory medications may be necessary to help provide relief.

When to Seek Urgent Care for Sprains & Strains

You should seek urgent care treatment for sprains and strains if you notice redness and swelling. If swelling persists longer than 72 hours or you cannot bear weight on the affected area, seek medical care at an urgent care center. A doctor may be able to prescribe medication and assistive devices to take the pressure off the affected area so it can heal properly. Immediate medical care is also necessary if muscle pain persists after a week or you have a high fever or trouble breathing.

Seek Relief from Sprains & Strains

Minor sprains and strains need plenty of rest until the injury heals. Limit your activities for a few weeks to prevent additional damage. If you need relief from the pain and swelling, seek treatment at Rapid Immediate Care. Schedule a same day appointment at our clinic today.

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