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Primary care physician bandaging girl's injured hand.

Lacerations can be anything from minor scrapes to deep cuts in your skin. If not properly treated, these cuts can cause infections and other serious health issues. Prompt medical attention can ensure the wound heals properly and no further complications develop.

How to Treat Lacerations at Home

When lacerations occur, stop the bleeding as soon as possible by applying pressure and elevating the wound above your heart level. As soon as the bleeding stops, clean the wound with water, and apply an antiseptic ointment. Wrap the injured area with loose sterile gauze. Over-the-counter pain medications can help relieve any discomfort.

When to Seek Urgent Care Treatment

Seek immediate medical attention if the bleeding does not stop after applying pressure for approximately 15 minutes. Call 911 immediately if blood is spurting out, and go to an urgent care center if the lacerations were the result of an animal bite. You may need to be tested for rabies. Other symptoms that signal you may need prompt medical attention include swelling, numbness, pus around the wound or a fever over 100.4 degrees.

Professional Treatment of Lacerations

Deep lacerations will likely require staples or stitches. Cuts that require stitches should be repaired within six hours after the injury has occurred. Scalp and facial lacerations can be repaired within 24 hours after injury. If the lacerations were caused by metal or gravel that can penetrate the skin, an x-ray may be needed to ensure no fragments are left behind. You may need a tetanus shot or antibiotics, depending on the extent of the injury.

Prompt Lacerations Treatment at Rapid Immediate Care

When lacerations occur, it may not be possible to see your doctor for prompt medical treatment. At Rapid Immediate Care, we treat all types of minor lacerations. Get professional medical treatment for lacerations by scheduling an appointment.

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