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An abscess can occur when the body reacts to an infection caused by bacteria, parasites or viruses. As the bacteria gets trapped under the skin, pockets of pus can develop. It is vital that the abscess is properly drained to prevent an infection from spreading throughout the body. If abscesses are left untreated, it can cause serious long-term health complications.

Abscess Drainage Treatment

Abscess drainage is a minimally invasive outpatient procedure where infected fluid is removed from the body. Before the procedure, your doctor may prescribe antibiotics to minimize infection. The process takes approximately an hour to complete using local anesthesia. During the outpatient procedure, a pinhole-sized incision is made for a small needle to be guided using advanced imaging towards the abscess. The needle is then exchanged with a catheter to drain infected fluid into a small bag outside your body.

After the procedure, the fluid will continue to flow into this small bag through the catheter for a few days until the abscess is completely drained. It can take up to two weeks for the wound to fully heal. Your doctor will give you specific instructions after the procedure on how to take care of the wound while you recover.

When to Seek Urgent Care Treatment for Abscesses

You can perform abscess drainage at home by using a warm compress on the infected area. Seek urgent care treatment if the abscess becomes more swollen or painful. Contact your doctor right away if you develop a fever, chills or have a compromised immune system.

Safe and Effective Abscess Drainage Treatment

Abscess drainage can be a safe and effective treatment option. At Rapid Immediate Care, our medical professionals can provide you with personalized treatment options to help prevent infection. Contact our clinic today to schedule an appointment to learn more about our abscess drainage services.

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