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3 Common Causes of Dizziness: When to Seek Urgent Care Crystal Lake, IL
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You may experience dizziness on occasion for a variety of reasons. It can be perfectly normal and resolve itself on its own. However, frequent dizzy spells may signal that something is seriously wrong and should be medically addressed as soon as possible. Here are three common causes of dizziness and when to seek urgent care.

Dizziness from Low Blood Sugar

Hypoglycemia is a condition when glucose in your bloodstream drops below normal levels. This condition is commonly experienced by individuals diagnosed with diabetes. Hypoglycemia can also occur from skipping meals or too much exercise. When blood sugar drops, dizziness and low blood pressure can occur and lead to serious health consequences.

Dizziness from Dehydration

Dizziness can occur from dehydration when you become overheated or you fail to consume enough food or water. This can lower your blood pressure and oxygen levels. If dehydration becomes severe, you may need to visit an urgent care center to receive IV fluids.

Dizziness from Inner Ear Problems

Inner ear problems can cause you to lose your balance and blur your surroundings. This condition may cause you to accidentally injure yourself if symptoms become severe. Ear and sinus infections in children can create dizziness if left untreated. Consult your doctor or visit an urgent care center immediately if you experience frequent sudden bouts of dizziness.

Urgent Care Services for Dizziness Relief

You may be able to relieve dizziness symptoms at home by drinking plenty of water and moving slowly. Avoid caffeinated and alcoholic beverages that can worsen your symptoms. Seek immediate emergency treatment if your dizziness is accompanied by shortness of breath, chest pains, nausea or slurred speech. At Rapid Immediate Care, our experienced staff is available whenever you need to treat your symptoms and get relief. Visit our clinic or call today to schedule an appointment.

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