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3 Tips to Stay Healthy While Social Distancing Crystal Lake, IL
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With the recent pandemic, more people have been staying at home and taking extra precautions to prevent the spread of the virus. The disruption of normal routines and decreased level of activity can take a significant toll on your physical and mental health. There are a few things you can do to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle while protecting yourself from becoming sick. Here are three tips for staying healthy while social distancing.

Stay Active
You may not be able to go to a gym or fitness center during social distancing lockdowns. However, there are still ways you can keep physically active to stay healthy while social distancing. Go for a walk or bike ride outdoors as the weather permits or find online workouts you can do indoors. Deep clean your home or do some gardening outdoors. Aim to get at least 120 minutes of moderate physical activity each week.

Choose Healthy Foods
Staying home while social distancing can increase levels of boredom and stress. This can cause you to overeat, which can lead to the development of chronic illnesses. Eat a well-balanced diet in order to stay healthy while social distancing. Focus on eating plenty of protein and fresh vegetables to keep your body at optimal performance.

Get Plenty of Rest
Getting plenty of rest is vital for keeping you physically and mentally healthy while social distancing. Aim to get around seven to eight hours of sleep per night. Stick to a schedule where you get up and go to sleep at the same time each day.

Stay Healthy While Social Distancing with Urgent Care

Despite your best effort at staying healthy while social distancing, you may experience a non-life-threatening illness or injury. If your doctor is unavailable, you can get exceptional medical care through an urgent care center. At Rapid Immediate Care, we are here to assist you with your medical needs anytime you need them. Contact our clinic today to schedule an appointment.

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