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Is Your Driving Career Hanging on DOT Physical Exam Results? Crystal Lake, IL
Physical Exams

If you drive a vehicle that requires drivers to take a DOT physical exam, the process can seem daunting. There is a risk to your career depending on the results of the exam. However, you may also miss out on work if the proper steps are not taken to submit all necessary medical evidence and documentation.

Choosing a health and wellness clinic that can help you easily navigate the process is important. You need medical professionals who understand the requirements and can provide support. Submitting your documents and evidence right the first time will result in you avoiding costly delays.

Medical Considerations

There are several medical considerations when it comes to taking a DOT physical exam. Typical considerations include general medical history, eyesight and hearing. If you use visual or audio aids, bring them to Rapid Immediate Care so we can help expedite your information.

The required documentation for a DOT physical exam is also an essential part of the process. Drivers often experience delays when this documentation is not filled in correctly or is missing information. A Medical Examination Report for Commercial Driver Fitness Determination Form and a Medical Examiner’s Certificate are two of the potential pieces of evidence we can provide.

DOT Physical Exam Health Concerns

Your health status may have changed since you last had a DOT physical Exam. At Rapid Immediate Care, our team has experience in supporting patients in addressing such issues. We understand that a new illness could impact your ability to continue in your chosen driving career.

If a new medical condition is applicable, you will need to supply specific documents in some cases. For diabetic patients, documented proof of your most recent HgA1C is required. You can obtain this information from your primary physician or specialist. An echocardiogram (echo) report, stress test or cardiology clearance letter applies to drivers who have suffered heart problems. Those diagnosed with sleep apnea should also supply CPAP usage data covering the last 30 days.

Don’t worry if you are unsure about which documents you should bring to your appointment. Rapid Immediate Care can provide clarity when you call our offices in Crystal Lake, IL.

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