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Now Is the Time to Schedule Your Kid’s Sports Physical Hoffman Estates, IL
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Does your child play football, basketball, soccer, or other sports in school? Most schools require annual physicals for children and teens that will be participating in sports. Other sports organizations may also need confirmation of passing a physical before your child is allowed to join a team. While it is still summer, you want to have these annual sports physicals performed immediately. Here is what you need to know about how and when to schedule your kid’s sports physical this summer.

Why Are Sports Physicals Required?

Your child may seem perfectly healthy, but there are reasons schools and other organizations require sports physicals. These exams are designed to proactively catch any medical or health concerns that could put your child at risk when participating in sports. This protects your child and helps limit liability by the school or other entity offering the activity. Some of the aspects of the exam may include:

  • Reviewing medical history
  • Physical exam of reflexes, mobility, joint function, and other factors
  • Lab testing
  • Vision and hearing checks
  • Recording height, weight, blood pressure, and other vital signs

The goal of the physical is to ensure your child is healthy enough to participate in the specific sports activity. The exam may differ depending on the sport played and the organization’s participation requirements.

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Book Your Appointment

As returning to school gets closer, thousands of children will need to receive both school and sports physicals. August is a busy time for doctors and clinics performing these physicals, and you may need to wait weeks to get an appointment. If something were to occur and you needed to cancel your appointment, you may not be able to get another appointment in time. Another concern is that if your child needs new glasses, contacts, or other alterations to pass their physical, you will need time to schedule these additional appointments.

Rapid Immediate Care is your local source for school and sports physicals and many other medical services. We perform thorough exams and physicals for kids, teens, and adults at our medical clinics. If your child needs a sports physical for the coming year, call our office and book your appointment. Our staff will let you know what you need to bring, but we will typically need to see your child’s immunization record, medication list, and medical history information. Make sure to bring any contacts or glasses they use, school sports forms, insurance cards, and your identification.

Sports Physicals in Hoffman Estates, IL

If you live in the Hoffman Estates, IL area and need a school or sports physical for your child, contact our team at Rapid Immediate Care. Call the location next to you as soon as possible to book your appointment to avoid missing any deadlines for your child to join their favorite activity.

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