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Pre-Employment Physicals and Influencing Factors for Employers Hoffman Estates, IL
A doctor and a cheerful male patient during a pre-employment physical appointment.

The prospect of a new career can bring hopes and dreams of a better life. Unfortunately, the expectations of the job may require you to prove certain physical and mental capabilities. Pre-employment examinations are designed to determine a candidate’s suitability for such roles.

If you are asked to complete a pre-employment physical, do not panic. The process is relatively simple and is usually completed within 30 minutes. During the appointment, the physician will evaluate factors including medical history, current physical health, mental health and physical strength.

The process that is followed in a pre-employment physical is generally dictated by the requirements of the job. For instance, if a role involves a lot of heavy lifting, a candidate with spinal problems is probably not ideally suited to the work.

Comprehensive Exam

Previous medical conditions should not exclude you from employment. A comprehensive exam is used to determine your current health status and capabilities. This may include physical and physiological evaluations, including drug and alcohol screening in some cases.

During your exam, medical history is taken into consideration where applicable. You should provide your historical medical records to ensure that the process goes smoothly. Employers cannot use this information to discriminate against you. In fact, the employer is obligated to make reasonable adjustments – where possible – based on your medical challenges.

Hear & Sight Testing

Some job roles require that candidates have reasonable hearing and eyesight levels. If there is a risk to other employees, customers or visitors, you may not qualify as a suitable candidate for the role. Therefore, a pre-employment physical is often useful in determining the types of jobs that you can apply for based on hearing and vision.

If you use hearing and vision aids, you may still meet the requirements of a role. You should bring these aids to your pre-employment physical to ensure that any reports are accurate.

Psychological Testing

High stress jobs may not suit candidates who suffer from anxiety, depression, PTSD and other psychological health conditions. If you are applying for a role that involves mental health triggers, it is beneficial for all parties involved to ensure that pre-employment physicals are completed during the hiring process.

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