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Wellness is About More Than Your Career Hoffman Estates, IL
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In many industries, acceptable physical and mental health is a prerequisite for employment. Given the responsibilities in these careers, it is understandable that employees should be in good health. However, wellness is a pursuit that everybody should embrace.

Regular physicals can identify early signs of illness or asymptomatic health conditions. You may feel like a million dollars, but that doesn’t mean you are in peak condition. Many illnesses do not present with symptoms in the early stages.

Wellness & Longer Life

Wellness is a catchall term that loosely describes what optimum health and emotional stability look like. For many people, having a physical is a chore or done under protest when required by an employer. Unfortunately, it is not unusual for these employees to discover that they suffer underlying health conditions during a physical.

If you pursue wellness through diet and exercise, adding health checkups to your regimen makes sense. Visiting a doctor for a checkup every 6 months to a year is a small price to pay for good health. If nothing else, you will have peace of mind knowing that there are no concerns, and your efforts are bearing results.

Lifestyle Impacts on Wellness

As you get older, certain lifestyle choices will have a greater impact on your wellness. Smoking, drinking, and a poor diet are just some of the habits that can cause health complications. Regular checkups are a great way to monitor the impact of your lifestyle on physical and mental health.

If you participate in sports, numerous health risks could impact your life. For example, injuries can cause mobility problems or lead to the development of conditions such as arthritis. A sports physical and assess the risk of orthopedic issues developing or identify current problems that are not presenting symptoms.

Rapid Immediate Care

At Rapid Immediate Care, we are passionate about the wellness of our patients. Physicals are available for work, school, and sports participants. If you are concerned about your health or would just like to identify health issues early, reach out to our office in Hoffman Estates, IL, today.

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