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Why Does the Flu Shot Change Every Year? Hoffman Estates, IL

In basic terms, a virus is a bunch of genes that is covered by proteins. The antibodies that a vaccine stimulates are designed to attack this outer layer. Unfortunately, the flu virus is constantly changing, which necessitates the need for different vaccines.

Scientists try to anticipate which variant of the flu virus is likely to become dominant each season. An appropriate vaccine is then recommended to offer optimal protection. Ideally, virologists and other medical experts hope to develop a vaccine that targets the traits shared among all flu viruses.

In the case of the flu, there are structures that are consistent throughout all variants. As yet, scientists have not been able to create an effective universal vaccine. If you catch the flu despite having received a shot, you may have come into contact with a different variant. However, no vaccine is 100% effective. There is the possibility that you suffered from what’s known as a breakthrough infection.

Why Should I Get the Flu Vaccine?

As with any vaccine, high uptake is one of the best ways to battle a virus. The theory of herd immunity centers on large numbers of a population gaining immunity. Members of a community who choose not to get vaccinated, or cannot because of medical reasons, benefit from a measure of protection from lower infection rates.

Eventually, it is hoped that a universal vaccine will eliminate the need for different vaccines each year. Many viruses have been eradicated due to effective vaccine uptake. However, immunization programs are often continued to prevent a reemergence of viruses.

Vaccine Education & Immunization

At Rapid Immediate Care, we are happy to provide education on the importance of immunization against flu. If you have any concerns or want to know the recommended vaccine schedule, our team is on hand to answer your questions.

If you have any medical concerns that prevent you from receiving the flu shot, reach out to Rapid Immediate Care for support. There are ways that you can increase your protection from flu and other viruses.

Call Rapid Immediate Care for more information about the flu shot or any of our other services.

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