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Why You Should Schedule a Wellness Physical Annually Hoffman Estates, IL
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It’s easy to forget to schedule that annual wellness physical, especially when your life is hectic. It may even seem pointless to come to Rapid Immediate Care for a checkup when you’re feeling fine. However, a wellness physical is a necessary preventive health service because it enables you to catch health problems early.

An annual wellness physical allows you to keep track of your health from year to year. Keeping in tune with your body is the most effective way of eliminating the risk of diseases.

We can assess whether your health has changed since the year before, for better or for worse. Then, we can give you lifestyle recommendations to improve your health, fend off illnesses and live longer.

Unfortunately, many illnesses don’t show symptoms until they’re far along, reducing your chances of survivability. But early detection of underlying health conditions extends your lifespan by allowing you to stop problems before they occur.

Preparing for Your Wellness Physical

Wellness physicals are not related to other medical visits you may have made during the year due to injury or illness. Instead, they are a session solely dedicated to providing us with a status update on your overall health.

Note any concerns and questions you have so you don’t forget. Your doctor will address them and run any screenings or tests necessary to help you find answers. The more thorough you can be, the greater the chances of reaching your health goals.

If you have a chronic health condition like diabetes, cardiovascular disease or hypertension, we can teach you how to manage it better. Professional guidance can significantly improve your quality of life and, if needed, your doctor can make medication adjustments or treatment recommendations.

In addition, we can update your health record, allowing your doctor to make more informed decisions. Updated records make it easier to understand what could increase your chances of becoming unwell.

Professional Care for Your Health

Most insurance companies cover wellness physicals. However, if you don’t have insurance, Rapid Immediate Care services are affordable and prevent potentially expensive treatments in the future.

Contact us today if you’re prepared to learn about your body, be empowered and make smart decisions accordingly. Your optimal health is our top priority, so we are ready at a moment’s notice. You can book your annual wellness exam ahead of time or schedule it for the same day – whatever is most convenient for you.

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