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Cary Hoffman Estates, IL

Are you looking for convenient and high-quality primary care in Cary, Illinois? Rapid Immediate Care delivers a comprehensive range of preventive and urgent care services for the entire family. Medical care is provided by experienced and friendly medical professionals seven days a week, with extended hours for your urgent care needs.

Cary Rapid Immediate Care Preventive Services

Optimal health for individuals of all ages is the highest priority at Rapid Immediate Care in Cary, Illinois. A comprehensive range of preventive services is available to meet every health need, with personalized treatment plans for every patient. Receive physical exams for work or school and keep up-to-date with flu shots and other vital immunizations. Women can receive family planning services through gynecological exams, birth control and other essential treatments. Other services include treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, drainage for abscesses, removal of sutures and heart health checkups through electrocardiograms.

Urgent Care in Cary When You Need It Most

Have you ever experienced a sudden illness or injury but could not receive treatment because your primary care doctor’s office was closed? The typical alternative in this situation is a trip to the emergency room. However, you may have to wait for hours, and treatment can be expensive. Urgent care can be a more convenient and affordable solution.

Urgent care services are available for minor physical injuries, allergy attacks, flu symptoms and infections at Rapid Immediate Care in Cary, Illinois. If you are experiencing shortness of breath, uncontrolled bleeding or severe vomiting, please dial 911 or seek immediate emergency room treatment. Urgent care centers cannot handle the treatment for these symptoms that can be signs of a life-threatening condition.

Superior Primary Care for Cary Families

If you are looking for superior primary care for you or your family, Rapid Immediate Care has everything you need for optimal health and well-being. Both walk-in and same-day appointments are available at your convenience. A wide range of health insurance plans are accepted, and other payment options are available to make health care as affordable as possible. Book an appointment for treatment at the Cary location in Illinois today.

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