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Developing a relationship with a primary healthcare provider is essential for avoiding serious health challenges in the future. A long-term relationship with one physician allows you to set and track long-term health and wellness goals. At Rapid Immediate Care in Hoffman Estates, we recognize the obstacles in finding and keeping quality care. We offer a high-quality, affordable experience to those without a primary care provider. To best meet your needs, we offer same-day and walk-in appointments.

Why Do You Need Primary Care?

Our clinic offers comprehensive primary care services to help you achieve your health goals. When treating any illness, we work with you to create a plan that sets you on your path to wellness. By treating problems early, you can prevent them from becoming urgent or emergency situations. Your primary provider is best equipped to recognize changes in your health status. By reviewing your health history, your physician will know what potential problems to monitor. By attending your regular annual checkup and physical, they can identify any additional risks to your health and help you take steps to correct or treat them.

Our Primary Care Services

Rapid Immediate Care in Hoffman Estates offers a complete solution to your primary care needs. With same-day and walk-in appointments available, we can work around your schedule. We provide illness prevention services such as flu shots and annual physicals for the entire family. We also offer specialty physicals for sports and employment screening. If you feel unwell, we offer flu and strep testing. We also provide women’s health services, including birth control and pap smears.

Take Care of Your Health With Rapid Immediate Care

Rapid Immediate Care in Hoffman Estates understands how important it is to have a primary care provider. Taking care of your health needs early is always less costly than expensive emergency care for untreated conditions. Rapid Immediate Care accepts most major health insurance, and we also have other payment options. With a variety of services and treatments available, Hoffman Estates residents can trust Rapid Immediate Care with all their health needs. Schedule your appointment with us today.

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