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If you need urgent care in Lake of the Hills, Rapid Immediate Care can take care of your minor illnesses and injuries with prompt service. We accept most major insurance plans. Our fees are around half what you would pay at an emergency room. Some of the urgent care conditions we treat include asthma attacks, minor burns, flu symptoms and ear infections.

Lake in the Hills Primary Care Services

If you need long-term health care, you may find it difficult to find a doctor. It can take weeks or months to get an appointment. At Rapid Immediate Care, we offer primary services to help protect your health with same day services. Whether you need a physical for work or school or flu shots for the family, we’ve got you covered. Our physicians can help with family planning with birth control or treat sensitive issues with STD tests and UTI treatments.

Our staff can help you develop a long-term plan for your health and well-being that fits your lifestyle. With our expertise and advanced technologies, we can catch potential problems before they become serious health complications. This preventive care can help you avoid expensive trips to the emergency room and save you money long-term with your healthcare costs.

When to Visit the ER

While we strive to assist you with the best care possible, there are certain health conditions that are better served through the emergency room. Go to the hospital or dial 911 if you experience uncontrollable bleeding, chest pains or difficulty breathing or talking.

Convenient Lake in the Hills Quality Care

Immediate and same day appointments are available at our Lake in the Hills location. If you cannot get an appointment with your doctor, convenient medical care is just a phone call away. Contact our clinic today to schedule an appointment.

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